Spacey Premium

Get the absolute maximum Experience from Spacey

More than a Discord bot. More than possible:

Spacey Premium

New Perspectives, a whole new Era. With Spacey Premium.

You can’t get enough from Spacey and want to unlock even the smallest details and every hidden feature? Then Spacey Premium is exactly for you.

You will be offered unique Premium commands, special advantages, access to not yet published commands – and all that unlockable for your whole server!

Why Choose Premium

Expand Your Discord Experience

As mentioned above, with Spacey Premium you will receive a whole package filled with special commands and features. Check out the Patreon site below in order to get a detailed list of all the benefits.

You can even try Premium for free for 5 entire days on your server now! Just run the Premium command and claim it! If you are still not sure, whether Spacey Premium is the right for you, feel free to ask for advice on the Support server. 

In addition to all those advantages, you also support Spacey, what we appreciate a lot! There are server fees to be covered and even the best bot is worth nothing, if nobody uses it, which is why investments into advertisement are also important – and you enable all of this with your support!

Thank you a lot!


Premium Commands

Even though Spacey is supposed to be the best bot in the free version, you will still be offered amazing Premium commands!

Public Thank You

Your Discord name will be publicly listed next to a huge thank you!

Faster Replies

With Premium your server will be prioritized, which means faster command replies. There will also be no more command cooldowns.

Message Raffles

One of the most popular and probably one of the greatest Premium features… More information below.

Engage your community in unique ways

You have heard me mention Message Raffles so many times now. Let me explain me what this masterpeace really is.

We all know giveaways on Discord. They are pain. While you give away free stuff to your users you don’t get anything out of it.

Message Raffles are the new and fair giveaways: Users will receive one entry per written message. The more entries you have, the more likely you will be to win.


Our users aren’t just numbers, they’re real people


Users across all servers Spacey is on


Average server engagement through Premium features


Happy users with their Premium investion

“Buying Spacey Premium was the best investment I have ever made! The Message Raffle module is just genious – especially compared to normal “boring” giveaway modules!
Just brilliant!


Discord Server Owner

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