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Take Your Discord Server to the Next Level

The secret to a more friendly, active and peaceful place…

We understand how hard it is to find the perfect bot for your unique server. It should not be any bot but perfectly fit into your lovely home. This is why we made it to our mission to create the perfect bot for your server.

Unlimited Commands

The times of missing commands are finally over. Spacey offers you everything you can dream of and even more.

24/7 usable

Spacey won’t let you down. With his 24/7 uptime you are guaranteed the greatest experience ever.


It is neither just about quantity nor quality. Spacey combines both! And on top you can customize everything exactly how you want it.

Server Engagement

Have you ever wanted your community to be saver, more active or more engaged? Spacey offers you different features in order to achieve that. From his own idle game to his famous Message Raffles you won’t miss anything!

“I really love Spacey. All the new updates and modern features, like message raffles, select roles, or the moderation commands are highly onjoyable.”


Discord Server Owner

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