Unlike many other Discord bots, this project is not about making money. And Spacey is more than just a bot.

Spacey is a community, a friend who helps you with your server, a way to feel home… And you can become part of it!

This was one of my main goals for this unique project. But let me tell you more about it…



Who I Am

I am the founder and developer of Spacey. Welcome to my dream.

Oh, you want to know more about me? Well, here you go.

After many experiences with public Discord bots (none of them could satisfy me AND on top of that many were extremely expensive!) one of my biggest dreams had formed: Creating a unique Discord Bot, that is easy to use and individualizable, offers everything you need and also has features and commands, which the world has never seen before.

Besides realizing this dream with Spacey, I enjoy riding downhill, hitting the drums as hard as I can and fascinating people with magic – of course, real magic! My name is Noah – you might know me as “Crown”. My two greatest passions are to help people and to go on adventures.

Have a lot of fun on this website and of course with Spacey!


Spacey is for every sized server

Spacey doesn’t care whether your server has 20 or 20,000 members. He will feel home on your server either way.

Every server can benefit from Spacey. Great utility features are always welcome, as well as moderation commands and games. Except that Spacey doesn’t stop there.

With special features, like Message Raffles your server really becomes a nicer place.

What sets Spacey apart


Spacey offers your server or your own bot partnerships in order to get found by hundreds of thousands of users on Discord!

New Features

While new commands are being developed every day, Spacey already offers unique ones, that can’t be found in any other bot. Just have a look at Message Raffles!

User Friendliness

Every single command, every button, every message has been developed with a lot of care. This is why so many people love Spacey’s menus!

All in One

You no longer need several bots on your server, what makes it unsafe and confusing. Spacey replaces them all by providing every required feature.

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