Spacey Discord Bot – Your NFT Community Catalyst for Success

Create a Thriving Discord Community and Boost Your NFT Project’s Revenue

Not only is a active Discord community really nice in general but it also helps your NFT project to…

  • Get more awareness and activity
  • Sell out on mints
  • Get a ton more volume and revenue

Put that into reality today with Spacey!

“This is literally crazy. Dude, your work is so amazing, my whole community absolutely loves it and can’t even get enough from the integrated idle game and especially your really unique message raffle feature.”

NFT projects have a dark side. We will care about it.

Are you struggling to keep your NFT project’s Discord server active and engaging or looking for a way to boost the activity? Our Discord bot is here to help. With Spacey, you can turn your Discord server into a hub of activity and interaction that will keep your users coming back for more.

Our bot comes equipped with a variety of features designed to keep your community engaged, coming back for more and effectively boosting your revenue. From customizable and utility commands, to fun games and interactive features, Spacey has everything you need to create an exciting and dynamic experience for your users.

But that’s not all. By fostering a strong and engaged community, you can drive more traffic to your NFT project and ultimately increase your revenue. Spacey makes it easy to do just that.

So why wait? Invite Spacey to your Discord server today and watch your NFT project soar to new heights of success.

Spacey Message Raffle

Are you hosting giveaways on your server? If so, this is exactly for you! If not, well, this is the opportunity to make the most out of the potential of your server.

Normal giveaways are stupid. For you as the server owner there just are no advantages. Somebody random wins but what do you get out of it!?

We have developed a premium solution to ACTUALLY get you way more out of it than you invested. Guaranteed. Sounds great?

Why This Is The New Standard

Benefits of Spacey for your NFT project

  • Guaranteed chat activity
  • Awareness of your server
  • More revenue & sell out on mints
  • Fast & Easy to set up
  • No longer worry about missing features on Discord
  • Moderates your community
  • 100% reliability

Getting Started!

All of this sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

After a long test run with large projects on different blockchains and many feedbacks and tweaks, we finally proudly present you Spacey.

Our mission is to offer you as a NFT project the opportunity to grow on Discord and unfold your full potential.

We know about the bear market, which is why you can use all of Spacey’s main features for free!

What are you waiting for? Try it out and enjoy the new stage of your project. You have nothing to loose.

Our users aren’t just numbers, they’re real people


Average server engagement for NFT projects with Spacey


Extremely successful message raffles started


Success rate of supervised NFT projects with Spacey

“So happy I found the Spacey bot for our NFT community!
The message raffle feature is a real game changer when it comes to fair giveaways, especially in the nft space.
Since adding Spacey Bot to our server, engagement has gone up tremendously. All based around rewarding active community members. They are all stocking up on resources, awaiting the much anticipated update from the ever so talented Developer behind the scenes, Crown!
On top of that there are many other useful features such as ticket system, role selection menu, polls, and much more!
Our NFT community on Fantom Blockchain is enjoying all this bot has to offer and very excited on future updates!”


NFT Project Founder

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